Our Product
2GO Coconut Oil Single Serve Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
Our Passion

2GO was founded on the passion of providing health-conscious people with a convenient way to carry organic virgin coconut and MCT oil with them at all times. Whether traveling for business or pleasure or because you find yourself on the go more than at home, you will discover that 2GO Coconut Oil with MCT Oil is the convenient, mess-free way to enjoy daily the amazing health benefits coconut oil has to offer. You can take 2GO anywhere, any way, and any time you want.

Our Product

2GO Coconut Oil contains organic virgin coconut oil that is cold-pressed and extracted from the meat of the coconut. This process preserves the high antioxidant and anti-microbial properties and the subtle taste and smell of coconut. 2GO contains a high content of healthy saturated fatty acids, with the highest percentage coming from highly valued lauric acid. The added MCT oil not only gives 2GO the soft liquid consistency that makes it easy to use, it also increases the noticeable, almost instant energy boost that 2GO provides.

Our Package

2GO’s single serving packets are Green e-certified and are certified by the GOA (Global Organic Alliance) to handle USDA organic products. The single use packets provide the perfect amount to enjoy when you are at home or away. The packets can easily be slipped into a pocket, computer bag, gym bag or purse, making it possible to always have a packet of 2GO with you at all times.

How to Use

Stir it into your favorite coffee, tea, latte, etc. 
Blend it into a smoothie or protein shake 
Mix it into soups, sauces, yogurt, soups
Take it straight from the packet
Apply it to your skin 

Notice: When exposed to extended periods of below normal room temperature, especially when shipped and used in the winter, 2GO may appear to become milky or start to solidify slightly. Don't worry, this reaffirms that 2GO actually contains organic virgin coconut oil in the packet. To return the liquid consistency you enjoy, just warm the packet in the palms of your hands.
2GO Coconut Oil Single Serve Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
Promotes Mental Clarity
Instant Energy
Easy to Use
Easy to Carry
Ketogenic Compatible
2GO Coconut Oil Single Serve Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
 Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
Added MCT Oil
Single Serve Packets 
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