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2GO Coconut Oil Single Serve Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is one of the single most nutritious superfoods you can put in your body. It has a vast array of incredible health benefits.

Consuming coconut oil on a regular basis has numerous health benefits. These benefits include healthier skin and hair, lower cholesterol levels, weight loss, increased levels of immunity, proper digestion and metabolism. It has been show to provide relief from kidney problems, heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, HIV and other viruses, cancer, and bone strength.

The reason it is so effective and healthy is because of high levels of lauric, capric and caprylic acids. The presence of these acids contributes to coconut's antioxidant, anti-fungal, antibacterial, antimicrobial and general body nourishing properties. Research indicates that coconut oil can have a positive effect on the brain, boosting memory and even providing short-term help to patients with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. (Source: Natural News Network, 2016)

Coconut oil also contains healthy saturated fat, which your brain needs for nourishment to function properly. 

Medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) found naturally in coconut oil are easily absorbed and converted to energy by the liver. The additional MCT oil found in 2GO Coconut Oil with MCT Oil provides even more of an energy boost than regular coconut oil.

Add 2Go Coconut Oil to your daily diet and enjoy the health benefits that this powerful superfood provides:
  • Restores mental clarity and focus by providing healthy saturated fats your brain needs to function properly.
  • Boosts metabolism and increases energy because it is more likely to be burned as fuel than stored as body fat.
  • Protects against heart disease by increasing good cholesterol and lowering the ratio of bad and good cholesterol. 
  • Helps treat malnutrition because it is easy to digest and absorb. 
  • Kills disease-causing bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses because of the antimicrobial effects of its fatty acids. 
  • Helps diabetics by slowing sugar release into the bloodstream. 
  • Prevents strokes and brain disorders such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. 
Check out the many ways people have benefited from using coconut oil in the Success Stories section on the website of the Coconut Research Center.

Disclaimer: The statements on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

2GO Coconut Oil Single Serve Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
Promotes Mental Clarity
Instant Energy
Easy to Use
Easy to Carry
Ketogenic Compatible
2GO Coconut Oil Single Serve Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
 Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
Added MCT Oil
Single Serve Packets 
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